This is my second Djinn Summoning Ritual that I will take a long time to explain about it all. Please understand that I am not making false claims about anything I say or am trying to steer you away from any other sellers.

This Djinn, unlike the other invocations, is very authentic and is very popular in the spirit world and to many Eastern Religions. This Djinn has belonged to many people, as well as Djinn's. He is the only one who's invocation disappeared in the 1800's and I and few other practitioners have gained. His name is ALFASIER TWILOER and some say he resides on the coast of the Caribbean Islands and stays there when he isn't being commanded. He likes to be taken care of and hates certain words to be said (which I will show the words not to be said to him or in front when you order). This invocation is a 30 day invocation and has some things that need to be done while doing this ritual. The kit will include the invocations, words, prayers, and all the items needed to perform the ritual. The Djinn will be under your command forever, as long as you do the ritual. 

He was created by his Mother (Heba TRANG) and his Father (Leba TRANG) and has been around for millions of years. Some practitioners say he may be the chosen one to fulfill the philosophy of Djinn. He has a religion, like many Djinns do, or don't.

Many are atheists (unbelievers) or religious affiliations (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.)

INFORMATION FOR ORDER AND PROCESSING: This item does in fact have a return policy, but not if the Djinn has already been invoked. No tax and no shipping.

 Cost of this genie invocation spell and formula (complete kit) is US$ 265 (free shipping)


Djinn Summoning Ritual 2

$ 265 USD

Greek God Invocation.

$ 5000 USD

Now, I know we have known each other for a long time now; and I am not one to usually sell Invocations of a Pantheon or religion.. 

This offer, unlike any offer, is an Invocation of every Greek God and Goddess; Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, all of them. The Invocation to them is a 2 day Invocation and needs patience and A positive attitude. Once you invoke the Gods and Goddesses, it is like Invoking a billion dollars. Once you have them invoked, you will have protection, security, happiness, passion, and anything you want. There will be no fasting, expensive or items needed, just time and positivity is all needed.

This Invocation has been around for millions of years, and I, have rightfully found it 6 years ago and presenting it to you today. 

But understand you gain the incredible powers of Gods and Goddesses.

They will look down to you happily, in love and passion, and you will be the ruler.


Cost of this powerful Ritual Invocation is 5, 000 dollars. NO FALSE CLAIMS MADE BY ME.

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