On this site we have a numerous amount of products on Ouija Boards,Spell Books, Tarot Card decks, Genie Invocations, Magic Charms, Beads, and many many more.

Now I know due to the economy people have lost their money, jobs, homes, and alot of things, so we have decided to lower prices of our products from before.

Genie Invocation: $100 dollars 

Astral Travel Board: $54 dollars

Ouija Boards: $45 dollars

Spell Book (s): $75 dollars

Healing Crystal (s): $100 dollars

Rudraksha Beads: $250 dollars

Spirit Channeling Kit: $150 dollars

Genie Lamp: $130 dollars

Magic Wand: $50 dollars

We are sponsored by www.MyTelekinesis.com and www.Psibog.net,and www.TheUnexplainable.net.

Our products are bought and produced and sponsored by www.Whitemagic.ca and www.WitchStore.net.

We have Magic and Sorcery and spells,curses,and hexes products available  at www.LearnMagic.yolasite.com,http://www.mystics.in/,http://www.khakani.com/,http://www.djinnnames.com/.

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