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This is mainly how I came to believe in magic and be on the path I'm on now. I was always interested in magic as a kid, but was always told it wasn't real and of my imagination. I then grasped to that belief and when I got older and in my mature years I would criticize and lack the belief of magic and witchcraft and spirituality.

I was like this for my whole life until I was in my twenties... I was invited to a witch coven at 20, and was just SO skeptical about it, but the Divine lead me to it. I was thinking when I was there, "Oh, this is BS!", and other skeptical things. Until we casted a Circle and then did a ritual with the High Priestess starting it. I was not going along or doing the ritual, just being with the Circle. Then after a spell is casted, they start chanting, and ask me to, I do... With the chanting of a non-believer, the energy somehow raised in the coven. Something so bright and not what happens in the world, suddenly happens. A big light out of nowhere just comes to us out of one of the trees, and we praise it, and thank the Divine for it. I am shocked, and very bitter. We then start dancing, as this was a little before Samhain. Then we close the Circle and put out the Bonfire, and leave.

That night I was having a lot of thinking. Suddenly, a voice comes to me - it is a fae and She wants to tell me something. I listen, as I see her too as well as my coven friends. I am told to do something, but I have to go to the Divine to get it says the fae. She then leaves, and we are stunned and astonished.

I then become a Wiccan and a Witch. This is my testimony how I came into partwith magic.

If anybody is skeptical, go to the Divine - ALWAYS, ALWAYS, go back to the Divine: She will guide you..

Hail the Olympians,

Blessed Be !
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